Guide for Authors

Concerning the provisions of the "Regulations for determining the cost of article processing in open access scientific journals" of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, as a result of this from 01/01/1401, the approved cost of article processing in the journal is fifty-five hundred thousand tomans. Dear authors, it is necessary to pay 200,000 Tomans when accepting to send the refereed article and 350,000 Tomans before its official publication. The paper code should also be included on the deposit slip.

Journal account card number: 5041721059453887
Writing research articles requires a specific standard and, in many cases, non-compliance with this standard results in the rejection of the article. The Standard describes the articles submitted for the specialized journals. Compliance with this standard is essential for the review and publication of the paper.

1- Type the text in the Word 2003 software or higher with an upper margin of 3, lower of 7, left of 4, and right of 5 cm, and a maximum of 25 pages (with references and abbreviated Latin) with single line spacing.

2- Throughout the article, Persian letters with the BMitra font and Latin letters with the Times New Roman font should be typed in the following table.

Type of Writing Pen mode          Pen type and size
Title    Bold  BMitra 16
Abstract (in Farsi)  Regular  BMitra 12
Keywords  Bold  BMitra 12
Body text (in Farsi)  Regular  BMitra 13
 Main article titles  Bold  BMitra 12
 Abbreviations or Latin words within the text of the article  Regular  Times11 
 Text within the table or chart (in Farsi)  Regular  BMitra 11
 Text in the table or chart (in English)  Regular  Times 9 
 Sources (in English)  Regular  Times 10 
 Sources (in Farsi)  Regular  BMitra 12
 Latin Abstract (in English)  Regular  Times 11 
 Latin subtitles (in English)  Regular  Times 8 
 Subtitles (in Farsi)  Regular  BMitra 10

 3- The shape and diagram inside the article should be sufficiently legible and in cases where the software output is in the form of a chart, If necessary (to enhance the quality), the shape or graph should be redrawn in Word software.

4- The author must submit the following as backup documentation:

• Output charts of specific software (such as LaserL or Amos, etc.)

• A precise sample of the research questionnaire (for surveys conducted on the basis of the questionnaire).

5- The article should have a positive and consistent effect. The arbitration process does not include papers with poor prose and multiple editing errors. It is advisable for writers to use Persian terms instead of foreign words.

6- Characters, charts, tables, and mathematical relationships should be numbered individually and sequentially from beginning to end.

7- Submissions should include the following sections:
   7-1- The cover page includes: the full title of the article, name of author's name or author's name (the author's name is identified with a star sign), Academic rank, academic degree, university name or place of employment, and full address for all authors including mailing address, telephone number (fixed and mobile), fax and e-mail.
   7-2- The first page of the article includes the title and abstract in Farsi between 250-300 words and an extended abstract in English of the article (containing 1. Introduction, 2. Methodology, 3. Results and Discussion, and 4. Conclusion, between 750 - 1000 words) and keywords (maximum 6 words).
 7-3- The second page to the end of the article usually includes:
        1. Introduction (Definition of the topic, significance, and issue of research);
     2. Basics and theoretical framework of the research (conceptual definitions of the subject, review of the research background, and theoretical framework);
      3. Methodology of research (purpose, research model, questions and hypotheses, method and tool for data collection, validity and reliability of tools, statistical population, sample size and sampling method, analytical techniques and description of data, hypothesis testing and how to answer questions);
       4. Data analysis and research findings (demographic data and variables of research model, results, and comparison with relevant research findings).
     5. Conclusions and suggestions (providing a summary of useful results and providing suggestions based on research findings, proposed future research, and research constraints) and a list of resources. Please complete the full text of the article according to the numbers in each section.
      6. Acknowledgment. In this part, the spiritual and financial supporters (by mentioning the number of the document that supported), the facilities providers, and other real and legal supporters who helped in conducting the research, are appreciated, and the list of sources is provided by mentioning their DOI. The sourcing method specifies in the form of last name, year, and page number in the text of the paper in parentheses.  All Persian sources should be translated into English and the word In Persian should be added to [ ] at the end of each one.
  7-4- Abstracts and keywords in English on a separate page, along with the English translation of the specification contained on the cover page of the Persian language (paragraph 7.1)
  7-5- The sourcing method should be indicated by a numerical number in the text of the paper inside [ ].
In the resource list, resources in English (Persian sources must be translated into English) are listed in English letters alphabetically and then referenced within the text. It is necessary to provide resources according to the American Astronomical Society (APA) (available from the journal website). Of course, it is necessary to write their DOI for sources.

Reminder: In setting up the sources, the title of the books should be in italics, and in the paper, the name of the journal should be written in italics. In addition, be careful to write in this style, the volume, number, and page number of the paper, i.e. 17(3): 25-32.

Important points:
1. Submissions should not be published in foreign and foreign Iranian and foreign magazines, or sent to another magazine at the same time.
2. The article should be exactly the same as the article writing guide.
3. After submitting the article, it is not possible to delete, add or change the order of the authors' names.
4. Download the letter of commitment form and copyright form by clicking on the options below and upload the completed completed image along with the original article file.
commitment form                              Conflict of interest Form