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Current Issue: Volume 15, Issue 57, March 2024 

Designing an Integrated Model for Strategizing in Business Ecosystem’s Life Cycle Using Metasynthesis


Mohammad Hossein Yousefiyan; Seyyed Hamid Khodadad Hoseini; Asghar Moshabaki Esfahani; Ali Shayan

The impact of environmental noise in social media marketing


Mohammadreza Hamidizadeh; ,, Fatemeh Khajehfini,,; Abdollah Naami,; , Fataneh Alizadeh Meshkani,

Platform capabilities; Enablers of Value Proposition Innovation of Actors in platforms


Maryam Nematollahi Sarvestani; Masoumeh Hosseinzadeh Shahri; Mohammad Ali Babaie Zakliki

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